Corporate Disclosure Policies and Procedures

1. Introduction

In formulating this policy, Sersol Berhad (“Sersol” or “the Company”) has taken into account the recommendations contained in the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance (MCCG) 2012 and its disclosure obligations contained in the Listing Requirements of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

2. IR Structure and Responsibility

The Company has established the following Investor Relations (“IR”) structure and responsibility for the implementation of IR programme and strategy:-

Managing Director (“MD”) and Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”)

The MD and CFO have been appointed to communicate with audience constituents and respond to questions in relation to the corporate vision, strategies, developments, future prospects, financial results and plans, operation matters, etc.

3. Mode of Disclosure

The Company makes use of a broad range of communication channels to disseminate information regarding the Company. These would include:

3.1. Electronic facilities provided by Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad;
3.2. Press releases;
3.3. Corporate website;
3.4. Emails; and
3.5. Annual General Meetings / Extraordinary General Meetings

4. IR Programme and Strategies

The Company has the following programmes and strategies in place to bridge and enhance the relationship with investors or potential investors:-

4.1. Announcement of Material Information and Press Release
After the approval from the Board of Directors on releasing of material information, an announcement is made to the Bursa Exchange or a company press release will be issued to all major newspapers.

4.2. Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting and Press Conference
The Annual General Meeting / Extraordinary General Meeting / Press Conference is held to communicate with the shareholders on the Company’s performance, strategy, proposed corporate exercises, outlook, operational matters, etc.

4.3. Annual and Quarterly Financial Reports
The Annual Report and Quarterly financial reports are submitted to the Bursa Exchange and also available on the corporate website of the Company.

4.4. Meetings or Interviews with Investors, Analysts and Media
The spokespersons will meet the shareholders, analysts or media to update them on the Company’s performance, strategy, development, etc.

4.5. Participate in Investor Relations Web Portal
The Company has established a company website including the creation of an IR web portal to reach out to current and potential investors.

5. Reports and Rumours

5.1. Analysts’ reports
It is the Company’s policy not to provide focused guidance to analysts in their efforts to develop their financial reports or earnings estimate of the Company. The Company will point out factual errors or assumptions which are inconsistent with previously announced information.

5.2. Rumours
It is the Company’s policy not to respond or comment on market rumours and speculation, unless they appear to contain material information or misinformation, or may be reasonably expected to affect the price of the Company’s securities or trading activity in those securities.

6. Obtaining Feedback

The Company has developed various channels for shareholders and major stakeholders to provide their comments and feedback. The Company will consider the relevant comments and feedback received in establishing its corporate strategy.

7. Periodic Review

This policy shall be reviewed annually by the Board.

8. Contact Details

Attn: Managing Director
Tel: +607 – 861 1112/1113
Fax: +607 – 861 9261