Our Plants

Sersol currently has two plants , with one each located in Johor and Thailand respectively.

The plant’ s help Sersol fulfill the needs of its client base
which are mainly domestic base as well as in Thailand.

The plant in Johor has a production capacity of :
o 150-180MT/mth for industrial paint
o 150-200MT/mth for decorative paint
o 490MT/mth for thinner

Meanwhile the Sersol plant in Thailand has a production capacity of :
o 60MT/mth for paint
o 60MT/mth for thinner
o 490MT/mth for thinne

Sersol’s core products aren’t yet designed for the mass market, hence providing the company an option to venture into that area of interest.

Currently, the company’s products are being utilised by
entities involved in the following sectors:
-Electrical & Electronic appliances
-Medical equipment
– Export for wood coating
– Home appliances
– 3C products
– Architectural coating for Decorative industry